Homeless Escort


Escorting homeless.

I began escorting homeless people within the territory of the respite. To do this, we agree with the homeless about a meeting at another time after dinner. With homeless Ilya, I drank tea in a cafe. And despite the strange looks of the cafe visitors, I felt comfortable. Ilya bought me tea, and we talked with him about his life, about what he would like to do in the future. He says that he would like to do something all the time so as not to drink alcohol, but he has not yet decided what. But he likes any version I propose. We met the homeless Andryushka and just walked and talked about our future work with him. And I am pleased that I can bring people joy. At first, Andryushka was sad and upset that he did not have documents, and he could not get a job. But after talking to me, he became more cheerful, began to smile, and happily told me about his life. He said that I have good eyes, and that he is well with me. He took me to the bus. Again, despite the disapproving glances of passengers, I felt comfortable. Why does she live with homeless people, why she drinks tea with them and walks, people think. This is my work, and I really like it. I like helping people, giving them joy. And it makes me feel good when I see smiles on the faces of homeless people who are grateful for the help. This aid may even be a simple jacket or conversation, but they are grateful, glad and happy, and I feel good about it. Andrew said that he fell in love with me, and if I put him on his feet, he will take me as a wife. Homeless Aynur said that he loved me, and he often cries after I help him. And I feel good about helping these people. They can give me nothing in return, except for positive emotions, contented smiles and sincere conversations. And I am happy.


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