Disabled Girls Rating Amputee


Amputee girls rating.

The heroines represented here deserve the highest respect. They did not give up at the most difficult moments of their lives. The girls accepted the blows of fate with dignity and now they are demonstrating to everyone that disability is not a sentence.

1) To the female resident of Serpukhov whom in December, 2017 the jealous husband chopped off brushes of both hands the German experts made bionic artificial limbs.

2) This American calls herself the only actress in the world with a bionic artificial limb. The girl was born with a pathology of the left hand, she had no hand and most of her forearm, and the first prosthesis was made for her when she was 4 months old.

3) Actress and model, snowboarder and skateboarder and also makeup artist and philanthropist. At all this Amy has no both legs knee-deep.

4) The girl from Indonesia lost a leg and thought that she should say goodbye to model career. Since then there passed three years, and now she participates in photoshoots and speaks at one of the largest displays of Southeast Asia, and also inspires other models and proves that even with disability it is possible to reach much.

5) Five years ago this Italian girl lost a leg in accident. But instead of hiding the artificial limb from people, the 17-year-old girl is proud shows it to the public.

6) In 14 years her made it the diagnosis cancer of a bone and amputated a leg. Now she is 20 and despite the lack of a leg, it looks perfectly.

7) This Brazilian model lost a leg in terrible accident. Now she conducts own channel on YouTube. Thus the girl helps physically disabled people (and not only to them) to believe in itself.

8) This woman who is professionally taking dancing lessons lost a part of a leg after terrorist attack during the Boston marathon. But the unique artificial limb of a leg allowed she come to a dance floor again and to continue to do favorite thing.


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